Metrum Acoustic

Metrum Acoustic Pavane L3 April 2017 The Pavane is now available in 3 different levels. Level 1 is based on our DAC One module together with the external FPGA "forward correction modules." Level 2 Doubles the amount of R2R ladders with our DAC TWO Broadcast module max. sampling rate of 192 kHz Level 3 Doubles the [...]

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Miyajima Laboratory

Miyajima Labs Takumi April 2017 We received the new Takumi stereo cartridge… You are welcome to listen to this new cartridge in our Showroom…. Nous venons de recevoir la cellule Takumi, elle est en écoute permanente dans notre salle de montre. More on:

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Miyajima Labs

Miyajima Labs is now available in Canada .... L'Atelier Audio is happy to become a Miyajima Lab dealer for the Canada. Miyajima Lab (Otono Edison) is L'Atelier-Audio unique brand of cartridges made in Japan. It includes different mono and stereo cartridges, as well as step up transformers, preamplifier and OTL amplifiers. L'Atelier Audio est très heureux d'être le [...]

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