The VOLUMIO Rivo Streamer ... We are absolutely smitten with this new music player transport from Italy, named Volumio Rivo ! L'atelier Audio become a Volumio exclusive dealer, thank you to contact us for more informations about this new music player. The Music Player Transport to give the maximum performance in audio streaming. A [...]

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The new Tempus flagship Ethernet Switch... tempus, Network Acoustics’ flagship Ethernet Switch has been developed as a system, with equal attention paid to both the design of the switch and its power supply. Separating the power supply from the signal clocking and output processes is critical when designing an Ethernet Switch for high-end music [...]

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Ferrum Wandla.

The new reference compact DAC... You are welcome to listen to the new Ferrum Wandla DAC in our auditorium... More on Ferrum's website: https://ferrum.audio/wandla/ Pour la version Française, veuillez changer de langue, et choisir FR en haut à droite...

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Network Acoustics.

New Muon Pro review in hifi-advice.com... New review posted by Hifi Advice on the MUON Pro... Christiaan Punter's conclusion: Conclusion The Network Acoustics muon can be a real lifesaver. By filtering out electrical and radio frequency noise that would otherwise be delivered via the ethernet cable along with the data into the sensitive audio [...]

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Tone Audio – Product of the year.

Aqua Acoustics – La Diva CD transport and Formula xHD DAC January 2023 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR | Jeff Dorgay of Tone Audio Exactly, we're thrilled to receive this additional PRODUCT OF THE YEAR, besides the Magazine Cover! Jeff Dorgay of Tone Audio has not "controlled" his enthusiasm for the new La Diva M2 [...]

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Network Acoustics

New Muon Ethernet Filters, Streaming Cables, USB Cables and Digital cables October 2022 L’Atelier Audio is now the exclusive dealer for the Network Acoustics products. Muon Streaming System Individually the muon Ethernet Filter and muon Streaming Cable each perform at a level you’ll find hard to beat. But connected together as the muon Streaming [...]

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Aqua Acoustic Quality

LinQ, new Tidal Connect module... August 2022 Aqua LinQ Keeping with Aqua's ethos of modularity and building superior digital sources owner Cristian Anelli has announced he is ready to release a Tidal Connect module for his LinQ digital interface!  Exciting news for Tidal users looking to tap into every last drop of fidelity the [...]

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432 EVO Music Servers

The AEON music server... March 2022 L’Atelier Audio is now the exclusive dealer for the 432 EVO products in QC. The 432 EVO Aeon is our server directly below the top of the line Master model. The Aeon shares several features with our flagship model and is at a more affordable price point. Even [...]

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Ferrum Erco

New ERCO DAC and fully balanced headphone AMP. Like a top chef who uses his ingredients freshly and grown from his own garden, we integrated parts of the awarded HYPSOS technology and lend some of OOR’s magic to lay the first bricks for ERCO. Then we proceeded to add our culminated 20 years’ worth [...]

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New SOtM digital products. February 2022 L’Atelier Audio is now the exclusive dealer for the SOtM products in QC. The dCBL-CAT7 cable newly launched providing stable ultra-high speed transmission is a specially designed high end audio network cable with excellent sound characteristics. The Filter Block newly added eliminating the wide band digital noise inflowing [...]

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