Metrum Acoustic

Metrum Acoustic Adagio reviewed March 2017 The Adagio DAC/Pre-amplifier get the 2017 6moons Award. Please visit 6moons's website to read the full review: Le DAC pré-amplificateur Adagio remporte le 6moons Award 2017. S'il vous plaît visitez le site Web de 6moons pour lire l'article complet: More on:

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DIMD Announces the new PP10 Stereo integrated amplifier Mars 2017 MINDFULLY CRAFTED  DIMD PP10 Stereo is expertly crafted and engineered to the highest standards. By using precision point-to-point hand wiring, we're able to build a product with the shortest signal and ground return paths. So you have an amplifier with an extremely low noise [...]

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DIMD PP10 Amplifier is now available in Canada .... L'Atelier Audio is the new DIMD distributor for Canada. L'Atelier Audio est le nouveau distributeur de la marque DIMD.

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