Kora TB140 review.

Kora TB140 review in hifi-advice.com... Kora received a new Award for the Kora TB140 in the HiFi Advice blog... Christiaan Punter's conclusion: The Kora TB140 is one of those rare products that truly surprise and I absolutely love it when that happens. It sounds nothing like a stereotypical tube amplifier because it has none [...]

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Enleum AMP-23R.

The new reference compact amplifier... L’Atelier Audio is now the exclusive dealer for the Enleum amplifiers in QC. More on Enleum's website: https://enleum.com/ Pour la version Française, veuillez changer de langue, et choisir FR en haut à droite...

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Ferrum OOR

New OOR headphone amplifider. OOR will redefine the category of headphone amplifiers. OOR will drive any headphones effortlessly to the max of their potential, while preserving the essence of the music it amplifies. Ultra low distortion, zero fatigue, huge dynamics and unrivaled detail result in ultimate enjoyment. OOR actually makes something that is very [...]

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Crayon Audio

Puristic approach to amplifier design... L'Atelier Audio is now an authorized dealer for the Crayon electronics... Authenticity in sound – Elegance in design The CIA is our puristic approach to amplifier design, reduced to the bare essentials, pure and clean. It shines when it comes to simplicity and elegance, with sophisticated and high quality [...]

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Unison Research

Tubes amplifiers made in Italy March 2021 L'Atelier Audio is now an authorized dealer for the Unison Research electronics made in Italy... More on : http://www.unisonresearch.com/en/ Pour la version Française, veuillez changer de langue, et choisir FR en haut à droite…

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Kora amplifiers.

The Square Tube® innovation with linear power transistors. After years of looking for exceptional integrated amplifiers, we've finally found the Kora electronics. Handcrafted in France, designed with a unique hybrid circuit, a range of power options from 70W to 200W and incredible sound at a great price. Après des années de recherche pour [...]

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Sudgen UK

A21 SE Signature. The Sudgen A21 SE Signature obtain the Famous Diapason d'or 2018, for the best integrated ampliifer of the year. La revue Diapason à décerné le Diapason d'Or 2018 à l'amplificateur Sudgen A21 Se Signature http://sugdenaudio.com/

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Sudgen Audio

Sudgen official dealer L'Atelier Audio is happy to become a new Sudgen official dealer. It includes different Class A amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and Class A integrated, made in UK since 1967. L'Atelier Audio est très heureux d'être un nouveau revendeur de la marque Sudgen. La gamme comprend différents amplificateurs en Classe A, pré-ampli et intégré [...]

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Yamamoto Japan

The new A-03S Power Amplifier get two awards in Japan October 2017 The already renowned power amplifier range from Yamamoto has set a new standard in performance and quality with the introduction of the A-03S stereo power amp. This amplifier get two awards this year: 1. Audio accessories magazine Audio Audio Exellence Awards Power [...]

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DIMD Announces the new PP10 Stereo integrated amplifier Mars 2017 MINDFULLY CRAFTED  DIMD PP10 Stereo is expertly crafted and engineered to the highest standards. By using precision point-to-point hand wiring, we're able to build a product with the shortest signal and ground return paths. So you have an amplifier with an extremely low noise [...]

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