Diptyque Audio.

New Diptyque DP140 mkII... The new Diptyque DP140 mkII are now in demo in our Show Room. You are welcome to listen this unique and exceptional loudspeakers... More on: https://www.diptyqueaudio.com/en/products/hifi/dp-140mkii


Diptyque Audio.

New Diptyque Reference... The new Diptyque Reference are now in demo in our Show Room. You are welcome to listen this unique and exceptional loudspeakers... More on: https://www.diptyqueaudio.com/en/products/hifi/reference


PureLow LO Subwoofer.

HiFi+ 2021 Award and new Subwoofer LO model review - hifiplus.com - ... PureLow received the 2021 Award for the best Subwoofer of the year and a very nice review on HiFI+ magazine. Roy Gregory, well know reviewer and Pure Low user, comment his experience with this unique Subwoofer panels... More on: https://hifiplus.com/articles/purelow-lo-subwoofer/


Cube Audio

Cube Audio V2 Upgrades If you already have the F8 Neo or F10 Neo drivers, you can upgrade them now to version V2. February 2022 Many years ago when we started experimenting on full range drivers we had one very simple goal in mind - “To make the best full-range drivers and speakers ever”. [...]


Diptyque Audio.

Diptyque DP107 review in hifi-advice.com... Diptyque received a very nice review of the diptyque dp107 speakers in the HiFi Advice blog. Christiaan Punter, a great panel speaker specialist, highlights their exceptional value for money and "level of expression and immediacy that I have not yet heard from other ribbon speakers". More on: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/loudspeaker-reviews/loudspeakers-passive-reviews/diptyque-dp-107/


Cube Audio

The best full-range loudspeakers October 2021 Cube Audio Loudspeakers The most realistic sound ever.​ Enjoy lifelike vocals and instruments. Experience holographic sound stage and unbelievable bass response. Purest sound possible - there are no crossovers in Cube loudspeakers. Very easy to drive by your amplifier-  3 Watts per channel are plenty enough Luxury design [...]



New Magister mkII July 2021 What's different about the MKII? Possibility to adjust mid-high (midbass driver) and high (tweeter) energy according to room acoustics. Integrated epdm damping rings for a soft stop of the cone at the end of it's maximum excursion. Crossover frequency is raised to 9.5Khz instead of 5.5Khz to use max. [...]


Falcon Acoustics

New LS3/5a Gold badge February 2021 Falcon couldn’t leave it at that and, as a running upgrade to its LS3/5a production, already sold in matched pairs, elected to include a few material substitutes, in particular polypropylene film capacitors standing in for the now unavailable polycarbonate items. Along with ultra-low inductance resistors, the revised components [...]


JMR loudspeakers

JMR Lunna August 2020 The new Lunna LUNNA is the name given by the Dagomba people of West Africa to a small percussion instrument also known as the Tama or "talking drum". This small instrument that is carried under the arm is both percussive and melodic, it was the medium of communication between tribes [...]


Ilumnia loudspeakers.

Our LEMS driver is not an evolution of the electrodynamic driver. It can be called a revolution. Ilumnia Magister - 6Moons award The Magister loudspeakers are now available in our show room... Les enceintes Ilumnia Magister sont maintenant en écoute dans notre show room... More on https://www.ilumnia.be/

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