Cube Audio V2 Upgrades

If you already have the F8 Neo or F10 Neo drivers, you can upgrade them now to version V2.

February 2022

Many years ago when we started experimenting on full range drivers we had one very simple goal in mind – “To make the best full-range drivers and speakers ever”. For some time now we have gathered very positive feedback from all over the world. There are many reviews that praise Cube speakers and suggest that the goal has already been achieved.​

However we are never satisfied and are constantly experimenting and develop new even more courageous concepts like 15″ full-range drivers. Over 2 years of experiments resulted in better understatement of secrets of full-range drivers and we decided it is high time make use of all those experiences and not only present new entry level F10 Select drivers and Jazzon speakers, but also update and upgrade best selling Nenuphar line.

It is a slight enhancement and final polish of those golden diamonds. All of the magic is still present. We just addressed the feedback that we were collecting from all of happy Cube users.  There was slight change of whizzer geometries, voice coil, and cone coatings.

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