Room 347 & room 348

It is with great pleasure that we presented our entire catalog throughout the Audio Show, including several first in Montreal, such as JMR Cantabile Jubile, the Mulidine Harmonie V3, DAC Aqua La Voce, the Miyajima Sabotan L cartridge, the Yamamoto phono stage, the Ocellia OCC cables …

We thank the organizers and the large audience who came to meet us and showed their great interest for all products, due to the very high sound quality, often considered the best of the show, here are some excerpts published in the press see bellow[…]

C’est avec beaucoup de plaisir que nous avons présenté l’ensemble de notre catalogue tout au long du Salon Audio de Toronto, dont plusieurs premières au Canada, comme les JMR Cantabile Jubile, les Mulidine Harmonie V3, le DAC Aqua La Voce S3, la cellule Miyajima Saboten L, le pre-ampli Phono Yamamoto… La chambre 347 présentée un système digital et la chambre 348 un système analogique.

Nous tenons à remercier les organisateurs, le public nombreux qui nous a témoigné le plus grand intérêt pour l’ensemble des produits présentés et les écoutes de très grande qualités, souvent considéré comme la meilleure écoute du salon, dont voici quelques extraits parus dans la presse[…]

Samuel Furon of Atelier Audio marched to the beat of a different drummer with a pair of open baffle Altec 604E with a combination Micro-Seki TT/Thomas Schick/Miyaima Saboten L front end and a rotation of Ocellia or Yamamoto electronics. This combination displayed the hallmarks of the high-efficiency approach with sound that was dense, visceral and dynamically communicative. Additionally he showed the award-winning Mulidine speaker paired with Aqua Acoustic electronics. I needed to clock more listening time here.

Mono & Stereo
L’Atelier Audio and its proprietor Samuel Furon featured a very interesting system in their room. Open baffle ALTEC 604E speakers were driven by Ocellia 300B tube amp with Ocellia phono and Micro-Seiki turntable with Thomas Schick 12” tonearm and headshell and Miyajima Saboten L cartridge.

The sound was the most unique, and it sounded like nothing else in the show. Furon played for us “Alone Together” in Chet Baker’s “Chet” Album. The trumpet sounded lifelike, soothing and warm.

We didn’t stay long enough to listen to orchestral or rock music, but for the few pieces of jazz music we heard, the system performed exceedingly well.

Wall of Sound
Montreal’s L’Atelier Audio is certainly a retailer and distributor “extraordinaire”. The French and Japanese have some very hardcore audio cultures, and L’Atelier represents them with iconic products from Yamamoto Sound Craft, Miyajima, Jean-Marie Reynaud, Ocellia, PHY, and Mulidine – in addition to prestigious European marques like Sugden, Aqua Acoustics, Metrum, Puresound, and Thomas Schick. Yet, in the middle of one of Samuel Furon’s two rooms, one is confronted with an unfinished birch ply pair of open baffle Altec 604E’s, a vintage Micro-Seiki RX2000, and – actually in both rooms – all the components sit on an IKEA Bror rack. I love it. Altogether, for me, a very welcoming atmosphere, wonderful sound (and great music) in both rooms. L’Atelier are also located in the neighbourhood where my father grew up – on the same street where he lived part of his childhood.