Canadian Turntable

January 2021

We are now the official Pure Fidelity dealer for the Quebec province.

Premium Turntables

At Pure Fidelity, we love music as much as you do.

Designed with passion and engineered with precision, our product lines are designed to be both visually stunning and extremely musical.

Handcrafted by Master Craftsmen

Your turntable is a very personal investment – you don’t want an assembly line product, but a handcrafted work of art. Each Pure Fidelity turntable, is proudly handcrafted in Canada by master craftsmen.

Design & Production

Our designs adhere to a holistic approach, where all parts matter, and no detail is too small. All materials are chosen for structural integrity and sound quality

Ultra precise CNC machining is both accurate and repeatable. Combined with an organic combination of old world craftsmanship and modern production techniques, we produce designs that deliver beautiful, incredibly life like music.

Our designs are not new concepts…..they are concepts perfected.

Tired of cookie cutter sonics and appearance of most tables? Then you are ready for a Pure Fidelity creation.

More on Pure Fidelity’s web site :

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