New Muon Ethernet Filters, Streaming Cables, USB Cables and Digital cables

October 2022

L’Atelier Audio is now the exclusive dealer for the Network Acoustics products.

Muon Streaming System

Individually the muon Ethernet Filter and muon Streaming Cable each perform at a level you’ll find hard to beat. But connected together as the muon Streaming System there’s no more effective way to deliver noise-free data to your streaming device.

Muon USB Cable

Featuring a new version of our proprietary 3-core segregated cable architecture, which uses our latest filtering technology integrated in-line, the muon USB Cable represents the very best sounding digital interconnect we have ever made.

This is the USB Cable we recommend if you want to hear your DAC working at its very best, as its designer intended.

More on Network Acoustics’s website:

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