New ENO Ethernet Filters, Streaming Cables, USB Cables and Digital cables

January 2022

L’Atelier Audio is now the exclusive dealer for the Network Acoustics products.

Network Acoustics is a digital-first audio electronics company set up by Rich and Rob, two music-loving audio designers on a mission, to design products that make streamed music sound as good as it possibly can.

Streamed music can sound better than records or CDs, but only by eliminating the unwanted interference that is transmitted into our sensitive audio systems via Ethernet, USB, and other digital connections.

Network Acoustic’s Ethernet filters and digital cables are designed exclusively for high quality audio reproduction. These products have no effect on the data flow, the zeros and ones remain unchanged, instead they remove interference, allowing the receiving circuitry in your device to perform to its full potential.

Our main tool of measurement used while developing our products is continuous subjective listening tests, and over time we’ve learned which parameters are technically critical.

If you value air, space, pace, dynamism, clarity, detail and above all, realism in your music, then we invite you to try any of our products in your system. Plug one of our products in and we think you’ll be amazed, if not shocked, by how much more you can hear in your music, and how capable your equipment really is. But if this isn’t the case, simply send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

More on Network Acoustics’s website:

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