Magister and Vocalis loudspeakers… It can be called a revolution.

L’Atelier Audio is now the official Ilumnia Canadian distributor. We are pleased to introduce Ilumnia’s fine range of Belgium made loudspeakers, to the Canadian market…

Ilumnia’s vision was to produce a loudspeaker with a real-life sound as if it was coming from a natural source. This means high resolution, free of artifacts and with natural ease. Seven years of development has resulted in the world’s first 8″ floating cone driver.

Less is more: loss of fidelity from uncontrolled resonances and non-linearities have been dealt with by eliminating both driver surround and spider and introducing an electromagnetic suspension. Beyond an evolution in the design of the electrodynamic driver, Ilumnia’s LEMS can be called a revolution.

The driver is ultra fast: “less” mechanical components used for suspension literally means “more” freedom of movement which is translated into speed and thus musicality and detail. Ultra low levels of distortion will guarantee hours of listening pleasure without listening fatigue.

For technical specifications, visit Ilumnia WEBSITE.
For orders and other inquiries, give us a call or email/send us a message using the contact form page.

L’Atelier Audio est le distributeur officiel Canadien de la marque Ilumnia. Nous sommes très heureux de vous présenter la gamme d’enceintes acoustique Ilumnia, veritable revolution technilogique, fabriquées en Belgique…

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