The new KORA MM/MC Phono stage

The Kora Phono stage is a real «Swiss army knife» that will enable you to extract all the subtleties of your vinyl records while respecting the requirements of your pickup.

The phono Stage Kora is an audio adaptation of the EPC1 D, an ultra-low-noise laboratory preamplifier with unique characteristics (built by Kora’s professional division).

In the input stage, high-precision metal foil resistors are used. The correction capacitors use polystyrene technology. The Phono Stage adapts to all types of pickups, whether variable reluctance, moving magnets or moving coils.

The preamplifier features four individually programmable inputs. For each, you can set gain, input impedance, input capacitance and connection type. Two inputs are on three-pin «XLR» type sockets, which can be used to receive a cell connected symmetrically (two signal wires plus ground) or asymmetrically (one signal wire and a reference, ground). Two other inputs are coaxial «RCA» sockets. These two inputs are unbalanced by design.

The preamplifier has two unbalanced and two balanced outputs that can operate simultaneously.

On start-up, the phono adapter retains its previous programming. Without any action on your part, the previously used input is displayed and confirmed. To change input, simply rotate the encoder to select the active input. Each time the input is changed, the phono adapter is automatically reconfigured without further intervention.

All programmed parameters are stored in memory.


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