The AEON music server…

March 2022

L’Atelier Audio is now the exclusive dealer for the 432 EVO products in QC.

The 432 EVO Aeon is our server directly below the top of the line Master model. The Aeon shares several features with our flagship model and is at a more affordable price point. Even so, it easily surpasses many  other similarly priced digital sources, sounding closer to high end analogue with no hint of digital harshness. The Aeon can be upgraded later to the Master.

The Aeon was developed from our 432 EVO High-End model, taking the design further. It shares the dual power supply setup from Sbooster, but with a high quality SOtM superclock board for optimised USB output. The Aeon also has additional core specific software tuning to minimize jitter, and all audio processing now runs on a dedicated core.

The Aeon runs full Roon or Logitech Media Server and our sublime 432 Hz enabled player, which can also play bit perfect to the highest possible quality. It also features a bit perfect Teac CD drive for ripping your CD collection.

More on 432 EVO’s website:

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